For my Bachelor End Project at the Technical University of Delft I designed a product for the company PACTICS.
PACTICS chose my design proposal to develop for real production. It is still in developing phase, all rights to this idea are from PACTICS.  
PACTICS is a textile company with a factory in Cambodja. 
They were looking for a new product that they could produce in their factory and sell in the market in America. They were interested in a young target group. I designed a product that is aimed at 'festivalgoers' and Festivals in the US. The transition to reusable cups at events is happening, to make events more sustainable and create less plastic waste with plastic cups. My product is designed for the situation were festivalgoers need to keep their cup or bottle with them, instead of throwing it away. 
It is a fannypack that also holds a compartment for a cup or bottle. The compartments are apart available and go on the belt like beads on a Pandora Bracelet: the user can decide how many and which compartments he/she wants to put on the belt. The product is for the greatest part made out of scrap material from the Factory in Cambodja. Scrap material is the biggest waste source of PACTICS. Therefore this product is anti-waste on different aspects. The compartment for a cup or bottle can also be attached to an existing bag, see figure 2 below. 

For this project all stages of a design-process were gone through.

Figure 1. Model Loulou Keppy wearing the prototype of the product.

Figure 2: the bottle compartment worn on an existing bag.  

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