Every year North Sea Jazz organizes an artwork contest among art students. "By now the art poster has become a yearly recurring element of the festival. The first art poster dates back to 1981. The Winning design gets printed and the works of the other finalists will be exhibited at the festival" (North Sea Jazz, www.northseajazz.com/en/gallery/artposters/). 

Two posters by me were exhibited at North Sea Jazz 2018. The left one got the 3th price. 

Left: This poster is an abstract image of my association with jazz music and the North Sea jazz festival. The forms remind of an instrument, a wave of sea and improvising in the moment. 
Right: This poster shows a sort of alphabet, but with musical notations. However, more downwards the signs become more and more just improvised forms and excesses. It symbolizes the importance of improvisation in Jazz music, where  the musicians play not only what's on the paper, but also their own expressions, an own language in music.    
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